Mobile Friendly Website Designs That Get Results

WebHostServer & Gracia Design web designs ideology that it must be daring, it must be effective, and it needs to be measurable.

Mobile Website Design

Precise and Effective

An effective web design relies on a layout that is not only appealing to the eyes, but intuitive to its users. Strategically placed elements help focus attention on important information and provide a catalyst for user interaction. All of our website layouts are designed with your branding and your target audience in mind. Then we provide a structure to direct that audience to the information needed so they can make an informed decision.

Less than 3% of website visits result in any type of positive engagement from a potential customer. The overall goal of a website is to quickly and precisely relay information to viewers that makes their decision for them. A well designed layout can capitalize on this philosophy, and enable users to come to a decision faster.

A responsive or “mobile friendly” website design can increase your chances of active engagement. Over 50% of all web interaction is done from mobile devices. Having a responsive website that appeals to those users greatly increases your chances of a positive interaction and potentially a new customer. We specialize in mobile responsive websites that scale effectively for users across all devices.

Key Factors to Consider:

  • Know Your Audience
  • Determine Your Website Goals
  • Illustrate Your Offerings
  • Relay Your Competitive Advantage
  • Make Information Easy To Find
  • Promote User Interaction
  • Have An Effective SEO Plan
  • Track Your Progress